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Fast producing of curved milling and arched milling with the new "kurvenlinfix"

Kurvenlinfix is the new screw-on curved rail for MDF and Chipboard for the quick manufacture of models. Normal commercially obtainable screws 4 x 30 mm can be used for fixing.
Kurvenlinfix consists of a highly elastic plastic, which is both tough and flexible. This high-quality materials can be tied in knots without any problems without losting ist flexible quality. You just screw on the curved rail on the edge of given line and mill the contour on the guiding ring with a router or a spindle moulder.

You can mill super fast, safely and cleanly almost any desired shape with kurvenlinfix, regardless whether circular arcs, segmental arcs, composite arcs or tail curves. The area of application for kurvenlinfix is myriad. The curved rail is also suitable for narrow diagonal milling. You simply span both sides with two curved rails. If you are milling on a guide ring on a spindle moulder, the hands are in a safe distance behind the curved rail. On one-sided visible parts kurvenlinfix is screwed directly onto the workpiece for instance wall side pieces for staircases.

Availiable in 2 sizes:
- Stand. = 18 x 18 mm
- mini  =  12 x 12 mm

More informations on Cat. No. 46600