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An extremely accurate device with digital read-out and resolution of 0.1 mbar = 1mm WC Well suited ... Read more >>
Brass probe 150 mm with rubber foot and 80 cm tubing of rubber. You can take this tube for our win... Read more >>
Round, metal pointer meter complete with 50cm transparent plastic tubing. A wind-pressure gauge for... Read more >>
This easy to use touch weight measuring device can be used to check and compare the touch weight of ... Read more >>
For a fast measuring of the manual key pressure. The included drag indicator makes an easy reading ... Read more >>

This digital multimeter featuring selected measurement ranges is a universal meter for the organb... Read more >>

Safety voltage tester with two probes and a connecting rubber cable.  LED voltage indicator o... Read more >>
"Mini-Flash" for contact-free measuring of surfache temperature, small, easy to use, response time 0... Read more >>
Possibilities like Cat. No. 34000. Large display with measured value, time and bargraph indica... Read more >>

Measuring instrument like handy, easy to use, auto ranging (30-130 dB) MAX/HOLD-function, precisi... Read more >>