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Apart from being a useful woodworking tool, it is particularly suitable for thinning out pieces of p... Read more >>
Made from solid hardwood with black felted support surfaces. Size 140 x 60 x 80 mm Read more >>
Also useful for trimming the edges of  pipe bodies and feet.  The slightly flatter cutting... Read more >>
For trimming the edges of pipe bodies and feet. Metal plane with sole and sides ground flat. Has an... Read more >>
These high quality Collin melting pots are made to order and have a capacity of 40 – 1000kg. They... Read more >>
For scraping round-seams. Large locking screw and adjustable finger guide. Read more >>
Made from solid hardwood with 2 easy running felted rollers. High quality workmanship with transpare... Read more >>
Stahlrohling halbrunder Polierstahl 210 mm lang.
For use in a lathe. The disc is made of aluminium and is fitted with a knife and ring guard. Designe... Read more >>
Triang. steel tool, sharpened pointed tip, wooden handle
Total length: 205mm
Kirschen top quality blade with wooden handle.
Total length   190mm
The tried and tested soldering iron for pipe making. All soldering irons are fitted with a wooden h... Read more >>
To fit all ALK soldering irons. Solid copper, chrome plated on all sides. Plating must be filed off... Read more >>
Standard rheostat control unit for all ALK soldering irons.  The metal casing is fitted with ea... Read more >>

The heating element is encased in aluminium and has a round opening for the interchangeable solde... Read more >>

This control unit enables the power to the soldering iron to be regulated according to the job in ha... Read more >>
Delivery in 2 lengths from beech. width: 55 mm length:  short 250 mm   and  l... Read more >>
Made from special steel for wood and organ metal Rectangular, square-edged Size   &... Read more >>
Individual punches in various sizes with standard, cleanly engraved letters. The following sets ar... Read more >>

The Scratch hook is a special tool for editing the metalpipeplates or the finished metalpipes.Read more >>

Square-section legs and quick-action adjuster In the length 125mm or 150mm deliverable. Other div... Read more >>
Half round steel rods ground to a point. As supplied, requires further polishing... Read more >>
Double fluted HSS hand reamer with wooden handle. Ideal for fitting chimneys to their canisters. Read more >>
The indispensable ear protection for the organbuilder or other professions! Read more >>