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Tools for Tuning and Intonation

Turned brass tuning horns fitted with brass handles.  The angles of the head and tail cones are... Read more >>
Tuning horns turned from brass.  The head and tail cones screw onto a brass shank which is fitt... Read more >>
Facilitates cupping-in of larger cone-tuned metal pipes. The inside surface of the cone is smooth an... Read more >>
An extension of  the organ tuner’s arm!
Tuning iron with hook, made of flat-sectioned brass, available as heavy or lightweight type.  D... Read more >>
The tonal department of C.B. Fisk, Inc. developed this new design as their solution to the challenge... Read more >>
For widening and cupping-in of metal pipe feet. Smooth internal cone surface! Read more >>
For measuring and widening tip-holes in metal pipe feet. Tapered gauge made of turned brass with fin... Read more >>
Brand name tuning fork in plastic case total length: 120 mm Read more >>
Overlength pincette for various jobs in those awkward to reach places.  Nickel plated. Read more >>
Length  130mm,  width  20mm,  nickel plated.
Sturdy, chrome plated spatula  180mm long, with rounded sides tapering to a point.
Blade ...
Small, sturdy lip raiser with slightly cranked ends.  Made of polished steel.
Total...
Small fine-cutting files, 1 mm thick and approx. 150 mm total length. One side of the tip is ground... Read more >>
Small, multi-purpose voicing hammers with polished finish and varnished wooden handles. Deliverable... Read more >>
Top quality long, flat-nose pliers with leather coated jaws. The jaws are parallel at an opening of ... Read more >>
Sprung tin snips  for cutting metal pipes to length.  Total length: 180mm Read more >>
Small and handy left-cutting tin snips. Useful for cutting large metal pipes to length. Total lengt... Read more >>
These proportional dividers are a top quality product with an accuracy of  +/- 0.1mm at any giv... Read more >>
Electric knife for cut-ups and voicing-slots. Power tool with 3 changeable knife/sawblades and spira... Read more >>