Putzi cylinder bellows

Versatile cleaning device as hand blower for dust removal or blowing out e.g. drill holes.

Ideal wherever compressed air is not available but gentle dust removal is still desired.

Available in 2 sizes for workshop or tool bag or as borehole blower. Drill hole blower with lateral hose connection and transparent 25 cm long hose with diameter 10 mm.

Cylinder tube made of plastic, tip made of black plastic, cylinder rod made of wood for the Putzi, made of metal for the borehole blower.


Product variants
Part number
Net price
Gross price
Putzi cylinder bellows small GL 380 mm, D=60 mm
13,90 €
16,54 €
Putzi cylinder bellows large GL 570 mm, D=70 mm
16,90 €
20,11 €